Our Capabilities

Pison's patented ENG technology and Neural Intelligence Platform enable multiple capabilities such as gesture controls and AI neural insights.

Pison touchless control leverages our patented electroneurography (ENG) platform to translate data generated from our body’s natural physiological electricity stemming at the brain into machine interpretable events in software. This allows for never before seen, intuitive control of any experience in the IoT universe.

Augmented Reality manipulation and control

Invoking a mouse click or cursor movement of any digital screen. Used for Microsoft Hololens headsets all the way to Android-powered devices.


Robotics Control

Group-level control of multiple robots and accessories, either in the air or on the ground.


Factory Machinery Control

Enable a complex factory automation environment to operate with touchless screens.


Phone and Computer Control

Utilize any display device without having to touch the screen.


Smart Home Control

Intuitively interact with your favorite personal IoT devices. Integrated with existing voice assistants.


Audio AI assistant control

Discreetly access voice-based AI assistants and queries


Pison AI Neural Insights leverage our core platform to interpret data produced by our body’s natural physiological electricity. These unique neurological insights allow us to understand one’s health and mental status in ways never possible before.

Passive Neurophysiological Context Sensing

Sensor fusion and deep learning developer suite to uncover neurophysiological patterns and signatures.


Actionable Performance Insights

Tailored insights from raw signals to inform performance improvements.