Virtual Assistant

Socially Engage — Heads Up and Hands Free Control of Mobile Devices

Virtual Remote

Rock Your World — Touchless Control of Your Home's Smart Capabilities

Virtual Controller

Surf the Metaverse — Intuitive Control of Augmented and Virtual Experiences

Virtual Commander

Command the Field — Situational Awareness for Our Warfighters

Pison — Where a Small Gesture Can Change the World

Revolutionizing Human-machine Interaction

At Pison, we believe nothing is more natural than a hand gesture. We pioneered the use of Electroneurography (ENG) to capture arm, hand, and finger movements as a natural‑language HMI. Our ENG‑based gestures enable users to remain heads up, situationally aware, and socially engaged in any 3D space — real, augmented or virtual.

Tapping the Human Body's Physiological Processes

Pison's patented ENG machine learning algorithms derive neural intent 30ms BEFORE muscle movement occurs.

Human Intent

Human Intent

Our motor cortex generates signals that travel through the nerves and muscles at the wrist to generate hand movements.



Skin surface electrodes on the back of a watch or wearable detect the body's natural physiological electricity.

AI Software

AI Software

Machine learning algorithms translate neural data into machine interpretable events in the watch, wearable, smartphone, smart hub or the Cloud.