Harnessing the Power of Human Intent

The Pison team imagines a world where, with just the thought of moving a finger, you can control any smart device or machine — before actual movement even occurs.

Our Expanding Vision

Our mission as a company began with helping patients navigate the world made smaller and more challenging by their disabilities. Working with the ALS community, we pioneered the use of electroneurography (ENG) to translate data generated by the body's natural physiological electricity into machine interpretable events.

Game-changing Watch & Wearable Technology

Today, Pison's patented ENG and Natural Language gesture technologies are infusing field-tested wearables to deliver a hands-free and heads-up advantage to America's warfighters. Looking forward, our ENG machine learning algorithms uniquely meet 3D spatial computing latency requirements for augmented and virtual reality at home and in the office.


Our Team

We're engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, and scientists with deep experience in software, machine learning, autonomous systems and human factors. We thrive on solving the most compelling, real world problems by pushing the boundaries of human-machine interface. And we accomplish this in a culture of openness, intelligence and care.

John Croteau

John Croteau


Analog Devices

Dexter Ang

Dexter Ang

Chairman, Co-Founder

MIT, Jump Trading,
Mechanical Engineer

David Cipoletta

David Cipoletta

CTO, Co-Founder

Charles River Analytics,
Robotics Engineer

Mike Kasparian

Mike Kasparian

VP Engineering

Atlas Wearables

Technology Innovation

  • MIT, Johns Hopkins
  • Thermo Fisher

Operational Excellence

  • Analog Devices
  • Fidelity Investments

Market Leadership

  • Amazon Robotics
  • iRobot
  • Peloton

Strong Network

  • US Air Force
If you would like to help us solve these problems and achieve our mission, please reach out to us at careers@pison.com.