Our mission is to harness the power of human intent to change the form and function of the world.

Imagine a world where just by thinking of moving a finger, we could control all of the phones in our pockets, or all of the complex machines around us. A world where just by thinking of moving a finger, we could use the data generated from our body’s natural physiological electricity to best understand our health at any given moment.

At Pison, we are working hard to build this world. Pison is creating an applied nerve-sensing and insights platform that will fundamentally change the way we work to maximize quality of life. The Pison platform leverages the microvoltage that runs through the human body when our brains communicate to our muscle systems. Our machine learning interprets the intent of that electrical signal - such as lifting a finger or inhaling a breath and communicates that intent to third party applications. The Pison platform can tell what your body wants to do before your body even moves.

Founding Story

Pison’s story began with the ALS community. Our technology was originally developed to help patients who could no longer move their extremities control digital interfaces by just thinking of their intended physical movement. What began as a mission to help patients navigate the world made smaller by their disability has evolved into a world class platform that connects our neurological output with today’s digital world. Our mission may have expanded, and we continue to maintain our strong relationship with the ALS community.

Our Team

We are a team of engineers, designers, scientists, and leaders with deep backgrounds in software, deep learning, autonomous systems, and human factors. We exist to tackle the most compelling, real world problems in neural insights and human-to-AI interactions. Our full stack technology and solutions are developed in-house; we believe that understanding everything from deep learning to edge computing is necessary to being the best in the world. At the core of Pison’s culture is a desire to push the bounds of technology to impact society in a community of openness, intelligence, and care.

If you would like to help us solve these problems and achieve our mission, please reach out to us at careers@pison.com.